Brace For It

If you find your child’s smile looking a little funny one day, chances are the time for braces has arrived. Braces, much like the mood swings to come, are a part of growing up. Around the ages of 6-10, most children start to develop the need for braces. Getting them the braces early can help a lot in the future.

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Why Are They Necessary?

If you’ve had braces yourself when you were younger, you’d know exactly why braces are necessary. Crooked teeth, overlapping teeth, an underbite, or an overbite, are all reasons to be fitted with braces.

Braces aren’t just to get an aesthetically pleasing smile. While it is a natural bonus, they are meant to straighten out teeth to prevent any issues from cropping up later.

How To Tell When They’re Needed

You’re not likely to notice when your child’s teeth are going off the road. The person who will first notice is your child’s dentist. They’re likely to recommend going to an orthodontist to get the alignment checked out. They’re also likely to recommend when to get the braces and what kind of braces your child requires.

First Visit

The first visit to an orthodontist near me los angeles can be daunting for both parent and child. It’s important to remember that the first visit is just a consultation.

You’re likely to get asked questions about general oral health and if your child has had any problems in the past. After a quick x-ray, the orthodontist will let you know what the best course of action is. The first visit doesn’t automatically mean braces for your child.

You will likely need a few visits before the orthodontist decides the best treatment course and applies it. If your child is still deemed too young, the orthodontist might recommend other courses of action.

There we have it, a full guide to the first visit to the orthodontist. While it can be a daunting experience, it’s often not as complicated as it seems. Braces are a natural part of any child’s life, and you’re just going to have to brace for it!