Getting Beyond Psychiatric Disorder Diagnosis

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In the clinical book of psychiatry, there will be numerous common to complex disorders. And just in the last ten, twenty years or so, more peer reviews have been initiated on previously unheard of disorders or disorders that, for better or for worse, were simply swept under the rug. In the latter case, it was always bound to come out. As they also say; the truth shall set you free. So, being the subject of a psychiatric disorders chester pa review or consultation is not something to be ashamed or alarmed about.

Indeed, it may at times still confuse the conservative reader. Take this rather complex matter for instance. By now most of you would be quite familiar with the iconic acronym that is LGBTQ+. Since the historic Stonewall uprising in New York, it too has received its fair share of modifications. And added to the sexual orientations of lesbianism, being gay or bisexual is that of being queer or transgender. And you will have also noticed the Plus. It would appear that this peculiar list is not yet complete.

Nevertheless, confusion could occur amongst those men and women who have now been given the label of being cisgender. Because while being lesbian or gay is now considered to be quite natural – an attraction to the same sex – being unfamiliar with and uncomfortable with the body that was assigned at birth – boy or girl – is now widely recognised as a psychological or psychiatric disorder. The term given to this ‘disorder’ is that of gender dysphoria. Put it in layman’s terms then. Being trapped in a body that is not yours.

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It goes on. There is yet still more conditions or disorders being identified. But note that conditioning rather than correction is now the order of the day.