Risk Factors of Addiction

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When an individual develops an addiction, it can be extremely difficult to figure out why they have become addicted while others do not. Addiction does not care what background a person has or how much money they make – it is dependent on some key risk factors that contribute to the likelihood of developing one.

When you have an addiction, you will need to seek help from professionals to fully overcome it in most cases. The type of substance abuse treatment liberty hill professionals provide can help you through the detoxing process and provide therapy to help find the root cause of your addiction. Let’s get into the risk factors that, along with the root cause of substance abuse, contribute to addiction.


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Genetics are a large factor in addiction, as genetics are responsible for the traits individuals inherit. Genetics can account for almost half of the risks of becoming addicted to a substance, making it an important consideration.


The environment an individual grows up in and is exposed to is another factor that contributes to addictive behaviors and the likelihood of substance abuse. For example, children or teenagers with parents that are absent, neglectful, or abusive are more likely to experiment with alcohol and substances and may use them to cope with their situation or emotions.

Dual Diagnosis

A dual diagnosis occurs when an individual is experiencing addiction as well as a mental disorder or health condition, such as depression or PTSD. When these underlying problems exist, it can increase the chance of an individual become addicted to substances. Addictive behaviors can also lead to experiencing mental health disorders, so your treatment expert will explore the cause and correlation of your addiction and mental health condition.

Substance abuse requires immediate intervention, so speak with professionals to learn more about what steps you should take.